November 2022 saw the launch of our new brand and associated website. We felt it was time to revisit our brand identity and give our own website a unique new look to align with some of the funky designs we have been pumping out for our clients over the last couple of years. 


Our concept it based around the idea that very small tweaks to many elements are what makes the difference in creating something unique for our clients, hence the idea of the sliders, which are associated with many design tools we use on a daily basis. 

Our new website bucks the typical trend of squaring everything up, using angles and geometric shapes in combination with clean fonts to create a site we believe is both modern and unique but balanced. 

Our custom animation to the menu icon in the top left corner of the site is a funky point of difference, as are the flashing letters in the hero heading on the home page, both of which we haven’t seen on any other website. 

We hope you like our new branding and website and look forward to working with you to create something unique for your brand in 2023 and beyond!