If you need the phone ringing like yesterday, then Google Adwords may be the answer to your prayers! Unlike SEO we can launch a campaign that has you appearing at the top of the search results within days. Whilst we still need to optimise the site for quality, you definitely can ‘pay your way to the top’ with Adwords.

In addition to producing immediate results, we find Google Adwords to be a good ‘testing ground’ for search engine marketing (SEM) in general. By implementing certain tracking mechanisms we can analyse the data to ascertain which search terms perform the best. This can be incredibly helpful when developing a target keyword list for our SEO campaigns.

Our goal is to understand your business objectives and drive new customers to your most profitable products or services. We are very data-focussed and pride ourselves on quantifying our efforts and your return on investment. The great thing about pay per click (PPC) marketing is the transparency in data, which makes our reporting process far more simple and allows us to help you make more informed decisions.